Welcome to Aloha BBQ!

To us, food is synonymous with freshness, quality and a hot grill. We are your quintessential diner which preserves one of Hawaiian’s great traditions: a really good Grilled meat .
We stay away from assembly-line work and still prepare our dishes fresh upon ordering and entirely from scratch. Our Recipies are with the same standard year after year, your food always cooked to order, our daily make fresh salads & home made sauces are keeping us in front of the line of the Hawaiian BBQ Restaurants ..

Business Hours(Mon,Tue,Wed)11AM-7:00PM (Thur,Fri,Sat. 11am-7:30pm).   Thursday 12/24:11am-3pm    Friday 12/25:closed        Thursday 12/31:11am-3p,      Friday 01/01: closed

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